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Our Rooms

Each of our beautiful rooms is naturally bright, warm and homely. The rooms are adapted to each of our children’s interests and needs.

We create learning environments that spark intrigue, challenge and creativity. Children are encouraged to be themselves, explore and be confident.

Group 1: Baby Room

Our baby room is a beautiful, bright, and airy space for up to 14 babies. We have created an environment where babies feel safe and secure. The staff are caring and sensitive to each of our babies needs. The staff create activities which spark curiosity and creativity. There are opportunities for exploration and child led learning.

Group 2: Toddler Room

Our wonderful toddler room is a fantastically colourful, light and large space which is always ready for a day full of exploration and creativity. We can have up to 32 children in our toddler room. The room is divided into sections and changes regularly to adapt to the needs and interests of our children. The staff are constantly listening and learning from the children and this is reflected in the environment.

Group 3: Pre-School

Our Pre-school allows for children to lead their play. The room is divided into 2 rooms with interchangeable resources and areas. The children are learning to become more independent and confident in their own learning journey. The staff provoke a love of learning and this is shown in the amazing array of activities and experiences. We can have up to 24 children in our Pre-school.

Group 4: St Luke's Pre-School

Our Pre-School at St Luke’s opened in January 2020 and we can have up to 19 children. We wanted to create an environment that focussed on giving children a spectacular final year with us before starting school. We recognise the importance of ensuring our children have strong foundations that carry them forward into their next adventure. Our Pre-school is a wonderful bright and natural space. The children have constant access to their garden and staff create learning experiences both inside and outside. Preparing for school is part of our emphasis on building independence and creating challenging and exciting learning opportunities.

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