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Settling In

We offer around 2 weeks of trial sessions which are 1 hour a day. We would like you to stay with your child for the first couple of trial sessions. It will help you and your child to get to know us.On the 3rd session please settle your child with the key worker and then leave them with us for a short time. You can stay at nursery and watch how your child is on our cctv system. We gently build up the time that you leave your child over the next few sessions until they are ready to start nursery

Obviously we understand the anxiety that parents feel when they leave their child. We urge you to discuss any feelings you have with us. A good parent/carer relationship is one of our main objectives. Please don't hesitate to phone the nursery during the day, as many times as you want, we will be happy to reassure you. We will contact you if we are unable to settle your child.

Once your child starts nursery you will be given daily verbal feedback. Charts in the lobby display practical issues such as how much your child has eaten or slept during the day.

Staff are always on hand to talk to you.

Please note: Children are required to attend more than or at least two sessions per week. We do not offer one session a week under any circumstances, as it takes too long for your child to settle with us.

Bringing and Collecting your Children

You will be asked who will be bringing and collecting your child. The nursery staff would like to meet anyone other than yourselves who will be collecting your child in advance. If this is not possible a full description and a password will be asked for.

Under no circumstances will your child be allowed to leave the premises with persons not authorised to collect them. Children will not be allowed to be collected by any person under the age of 16 years - even if you, as a parent, give permission.

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