Park Vists

We try to visit Queens park as often as we can, we ask you to sign a form giving permission when you register, but don't worry if you would rather your child didn't go as they can join another group during that time.


Children's Activities

The Nursery provides a very wide range of stimulating activities that will encourage the development of independence and learning through play . Your child will be involved in a variety of activities such as creative, sand and water play, messy play, cooking, drama, music, dance, story time, circle time, numeracy and sensory. The range of varied activities are set out each session which your child will be given the opportunity to dip into any of them he/she chooses

Orchard Day Nursery works within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which promotes lots of choice for children.


As well as the music and songs that the nursery practitioners provide, we also have  weekly visits from a music teacher who provides a fun session of music songs and games for Groups 2 and 3.

The sessions encourage the  use of musical intruments e.g. violin, bells, recorder and percussion to excite the children's imagination and includes lots of action songs to teach the children rhythm, notes and tones.


The children in Group 2 and 3 have ballet and musical movement one morning a week with our outside ballet teacher.



On one morning per week we have Spanish for all age groups. Our outside Spanish teacher from the company Buenosdias, gently provides a session of Spanish songs, games and conversation that will link in with the children's interests and class themes.

This allows the children to appreciate other countries' languages and customs.
She uses simple stories and puppets in her work and the children really enjoy it.

Forest School

The chidren from group 3 participate in a Forest School session one morning per week in Queens Park. The sessions focus on learning in the outdoor environment, Children are encouraged to develop independence skills, improve their decision-making and follow their own learning. It helps raise self esteem by setting acievable tasks through child-led activities that accomodate individual learning styles through play and exploration in nature. 

Outside Groups

We encourage the children to experience new types of play and interests, therefore we often have visitors in to talk to the children. The Fire Brigade with a Fire Engine, Police, Ambulance Crew with an Ambulance and the Road Safety Officers are regular visitors. We also have regular visits from the ZOO lab who bring some great creepy crawlies for the children to see and hold if they are brave enough.

Outside Play

We encourage outdoor play for all groups in all weathers, so please ensure your child has appropriate clothes and shoes to suit the weather.

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