The Nursery employs qualified and experienced staff - a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We expect our staff to maintain a happy and relaxed atmosphere for the children. We employ nursery practitioners who are enthusiastic and happy, and luckily do not have a high turn over of staff.

Before the commencement of employment, we carry out the necessary DBS Police and health checks to ensure suitability of employment for all staff. All staff are Paediatric first aid trained. From time to time the local colleges place young people with us for training; they are not left unsupervised.

Interestingly, our trainees tend to stay on with us after they have qualified, which helps with the continuity of care for the children. Shauna our owner is very involved in the day to day running of the nursery.


A full set of our policies and procedures are available from the office.

Staffing Ratio


In terms of staff to child ratios the Ofsted requirement for nursery age as children is as follows:

Children aged from 6 months to 2 years 1:3
Children aged from 2 years to 3 years 1:4
Children aged from 3 years to 8 years 1:8

At The Orchard, it is our policy to operate at more than the statutory minimum at all times. A team led by a qualified and experience member of staff cares for each group of children.


Quality Assurance Scheme

Quilt is the quality assurance scheme which ensures that we are constantly reviewing our Teaching practices and building on advice given.

We are visited at least twice a term by a Quilt advisor.

Our Certificates are all in the lobby


Behaviour Management

It is our belief that both children and adults flourish best in an environment in which they know what is expected of them. We strive to create a situation in which children are able to develop self-discipline and a positive self-image in an atmosphere of encouragement and mutual respect.

Within our Nursery we aim to set boundaries in a way that helps children to understand the significance of their behaviour and the effects that it may have both on the environment and those around them. If issues arise an experienced member of staff deals with them, and children are spoken to in a calm and responsible manner. On collection parents will always be informed of any behaviour issues, which may have arisen during the day.

We have a full policy on promoting positive behaviour in the early years, which is available from the office. All staff are clear on our policy and have received training on the subject



Children being children can often lead to the odd minor mishap! For most accidents that happen, reassurance and a cuddle will be all that is required. All of our staff have undertaken First Aid training and are alert and vigilant in the care and safety of your children.

However, in the unlikely event of a more serious accident you will be contacted immediately and your child taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Accident and Emergency department.

All accidents (however minor) are recorded and you will be given a detailed explanation of what happened when you come to collect your child.


If your child is unwell, please do not send him/her to nursery. If your child becomes unwell during the day we will ask you to collect him/her. The nursery reserves the right at any time to refuse admission or send home any child if such action is considered necessary in the best interests of your child and other children. Please notify the nursery before 9.00 am if your child will not be attending that day.

Food Menus

 Our menus provide well balanced and nutritional food for all children attending. We cater for all dietary requirements or allergies and will adapt the menu accordingly. Food is freshly prepared onsite on a daily basis by our chef. 
Breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea are all included in your fees. 
Menus run on a 3 week cycle so that children can experience a variety of foods each session they attend.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


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